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September 2014: After too many hacks - the last one cheekily editing my intro message - I've abandoned the angelfire site. The links here should be working soon. Please be patient.

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• How French Customs & Excise Arseholes Destroyed An LP in 2010.

I will trade records for either:
Audio Technica Sound Burger (AT-727) (left)
Mister Disc (AT-770) (right),
Sony PSF-7
Dual equivalent,
but note I do not wish to buy one, this is a trade offer.

So please stop sending me cheery e-mails about fucking ebay auctions.

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Beware these ripoff merchants:

Beware of this buyer: Pedro Ocete Merino in Barcelona, Spain.
His online identities include judas1987 and invaderr1990.
This scumbag scammed me through Paypal, recovering all of his payment for a rare metal LP.
He'll do the same to you!