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CD-Rom Media

title: Another Taste Of Forbidden Fruit (Encyclopedia of British & Irish Sixties Rock & Pop)

Author: Rolf Hannet & Korte, Rieks
Publ: Bear Family Records [2004]
ISBN: 3-89916-088-6
Format: CD-Rom
Price: € 9,99 postpaid

I received this CD-Rom as a present and I'm sure it's excellent and up to Bear Family's usual exemplary standards but I'm afraid I simply cannot stand CD-Rom books. I haven't got time to wait for my PC to boot every time I need to look something up (yes my PC is off for most of the day!). I need to be able to do it in a Real World Book!

For those who can endure the CD-Rom format, this is a steal at € 9,99 which includes shipping. Bear Family sell it for € 20.

Paper Media

The following are music or music related, cult & popular culture books and other paper ephemera I have for sale. I don't use the terms normally employed by book dealers to describe the condition of 2nd hand books because I don't understand them. All of these books are in excellent condition, most as good as new except for some slight spine-wear in some cases. Most were purchased brand new by myself. Email me if you have any questions.

I will trade for the following books and magazines I'm searching for.

This page is divided into the following sections:

PART 1: Books
PART 2: Magazines
PART 3: Memorabilia (photos, cuttings, bios, etc)
PART 4: Audio Books

PART 1: Books

Fuzz, Acid and Flowers: Comprehensive Guide to American Garage, Psychedelic and Hippie-Rock
by Vernon Joynson et al.
Borderline Books (1995).
2nd Revised edition.
Paperback, but with a 'stiff' thick card cover (the only Borderline edition like this AFAIR).
I also have the 1997 update book for sale.

Price: €35 [buy both volumes for €50]
    Fuzz, Acid and Flowers: Update Section: Comprehensive Guide to American Garage, Psychedelic and Hippie Rock (1964-75)
by Vernon Joynson et al.
Borderline Books (1997).
Note this is not the 3rd edition, it's the 3rd edition UPDATE SECTION. It contains all the information in the 3rd edition that is not present in the 2nd edition... so it is intended as a companion to the 2nd edition.
This separate update was made available for a short period for 2nd edition owners like myself.

Price: €25 [buy both volumes for €50]

Captain Beefheart
by Mike Barnes.
Quartet Books (2000).

Price: €16
    Robert Fripp. From King Crimson to Guitar Craft
by Eric Tamm
Faber & Faber (London 1990)
Excellent attempt at a Fripp biography. The author famously enrolled in one of Fripp's guitar classes.
Long out of print and quite hard to find.
[excellent condition]

Price: €25

Man Enough To Be A Woman
by Jayne County & Rupert Smith
Serpents Tail (1995)
1st edition of Jayne/Wayne County's biography taking in Warhol, punk rock, Patti Smith, Bowie, etc, etc.
[near mint]

Price: € 8
by Dave Davies
Hyperion (USA, 1996)
Hardback 1st edition with dustwrapper
Original publisher's price $22.95 (import price in Europe about € 25-30)
[near mint condition]

Price: € 10
Man Enough To Be A Woman Reviews: "Wayne County was the DJ as Max's Kansas City before, and during, the heyday of punk. With his band the Back Street Boys (ha!), he was also a musical luminary on the scene. Later, as Jayne, she kept the New York spirit alive almost single- handedly. This memoir is priceless, fascinating, funny, and as rock & roll as it gets."
"The memoirs of a '70s punk/drag sub-icon whose unique trajectory across the counterculture has supplied her with great troves of decadent gossip as well as novel insights into life as a transsexual. County, n,e Wayne Rogers, grew up a ``sissy boy'' in small-town Georgia and adopted flamboyant habits of makeup and dress while still in his teens, in the mid-'60s. Moving to New York City, County established a niche on the hippie edge of the gay community--in the summer of 1969 County both rioted at the Stonewall and grooved at Woodstock. While working menial day jobs, he was soon sharing an apartment with Warhol drag superstars Holly Woodlawn and Jackie Curtis, whose outrageous personalities and talents are the subject of some delightful, seamy anecdotes. Under Curtis's influence County adopted an extravagant, absurdist approach to cross-dressing that would be an important vehicle in an ongoing transformation from "him'' to "her.'' County acted in surrealist theatrical farces like the Warhol-sponsored Pork and DJ'ed at Max's Kansas City, where she began performing with a rock band in 1972. When punk exploded, County started making records, performing, and rubbing shoulders with Sid Vicious and the Clash. But strained by her amphetamine use and tensions within her band, County's odd career in rock had largely collapsed by the end of the '70s (after a hiatus, she has returned today to recording and performing). County discusses with disarming forthrightness the ambiguities of gender and her decision to forgo sex-change surgery (she does take female hormones). And she avoids both self-pity and backbiting, recalling frankly even her stint as a prostitute in '80s Berlin and London. County's lively memoir illuminates the original intermingling of gay and punk subcultures that's experiencing an energetic resurgence today. (2 b&w photo inserts)"
    Kink. A Review: "Davies, lead guitarist of the Kinks and foil to the group's leader, his brother Ray, states up front that his "battles with Ray are notorious in the rock world." They also typify a common '60s rock-band dynamic, the lead singer-lead guitarist rivalry-partnership, which in the Davies' case is complicated by being brothers. Their books' differences in style exemplify their personality differences. Ray's distanced narrative, X-Ray , in which he mentions himself only by name or initials, was reminiscent of that TV dream of alienation, The Prisoner. Dave's memoir, in the usual first person, is more direct, like the five-note hook of "You Really Got Me" that snared fame for the Kinks in 1964. The story of the brothers' collaboration on that song is just one of many gems of rock history Dave offers, and the fact that only Ray is credited for it is one example of the conventional wisdom Dave explodes. Davies and Davies produced edgy, often ingenious music, in part, apparently, because of their stormy personal relationship. Rock fans, particularly guitar-hero worshipers, need to read this book."

Lou Reed: The Biography
by Victor Bockris.
Hardback with dustcover

Price: €12
    Rotten. No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs
by John Lydon et al.
Hardback with dustcover

Price: €12

(REM)  REM: A Few Chords and a Cloud of Dust
The Complete Recorded History 1980-1990
A Total Recall publication, circa 1990.
No author is listed but this looks like the work of the Bucketfull of Brains camp.
A very nice collectors item.
[near mint]

Price: SOLD(€ 15)

Somebody To Love? A Rock-and-Roll Memoir
by Grace Slick (with Andrea Cagan)
Warner Books (USA, 1998).
Hardback 1st edition with dustwrapper
Original publisher's price $25 (import price in Europe about € 25-30)
[near mint]

Price: € 10
    Space is the Place. The Life and Times of Sun Ra
by John F.Szwed
Payback Press (UK 1997)
Scarce copy of this 1st impression/1st large format Payback Press paperback edition, featuring the original stylish embossed cover photo of Sun Ra at his prime. Many further archive photos in text. A highly influential full-length biography, which lays claim to being the definitive single volume guide to the man's life and cosmic music. 500pp. A sought after true 1st edition of this masterpiece of analysis and celebration of Sun Ra's Heliocentric Worlds. Buy on Amazon for 100 euro or get it direct from me for a mere...
[near mint]

Price: € 25
Somebody To Love? A Rock-and-Roll Memoir. A Review: "Grace Slick looks back on a lifetime of sex, drugs and rock & roll in Somebody to Love?, a wisecracking memoir featuring cameos by some mighty famous faces. As the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane (later Jefferson Starship and, still later, Starship), Slick had a ringside seat for some of the decade's most notorious high jinks--Haight-Ashbury, Woodstock, the sexual revolution, and of course, '60s drug culture. Put it this way: if the dormouse said feed your head, Slick did--again and again and again. Which leads to this memoir's principal shortcoming: it's hard to document the most important decade of your life if you can't remember it. Still, even if she's a little fuzzy on some of the details, the anecdotes alone are worth the price of admission, from the time Slick and Abbie Hoffman plotted to dose Richard Nixon to her surreal sexual encounter with a nearly autistic- seeming Jim Morrison: "Although I knew there was some pattern of events going on in his head that connected what I'd just said to what he was thinking, it never made sense." Now sober and nearing her 60s, Slick frets over her aging body, but she hasn't lost any of her famous feistiness. This is the same woman who flashed her breasts at photographers, pulled her skirt over her head at concerts, and even once, "having ingested the entire contents of the minibar in my hotel room," stuck her fingers up an audience member's nose. Grace Slick may have mellowed, but bless her heart, she's still running off her mouth."  

Beat. Rock Rhythm Blues & Soul
by H.P.Hofmann
VEB Lied der Zeit Musikverlag (Berlin 1976)
2nd edition, hardcover
[very good]
Achtung! German language
An overview of beat, rock and pop from the 50s-70 in East Germany and other Eastern Block countries. Includes some pricelsss photos.

Price: € 15
    Rock's Wild Things. The Troggs Files
by Alan Clayson & Jacqueline Ryan
Helter Skelter Books (UK, 2000)
Original publisher's price 12.99 (about € 19.5)
[near mint]

Price: € 8
  Rock's Wild Things. The Troggs Files A Review: "Clayton is a respected fan and music historian, and he tales the Troggs' primal tale in a straightforward manner; Ryan, head of the group's UK fanclub, provides an annotated discography."

Frank Zappa
by Rolf Ulrich Kaiser
Westfriesland (Holland, 1971)
Early (the first?) Zappa biography. Rolf Ulrich Kaiser was a music journalist who later found fame with his Ohr and Cosmic Couriers labels.
Let op! Dutch language book

Price: SOLD(€ 25)
    Viva Zappa
by Dominique Chevalier
Omnibus Press (1986)
Nice glossy large format book with good albums reviews, many of which were reprinted verbatim as his own work by some turd in an issue of (the otherwise excellent) Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine many years ago.

Price: € 15

The Pink Floyd Songbook
published in English by the Dutch Pink Floyd Fan Club (1974)
Contains discography and complete lyrics up to 1974. Please note that this does not contain sheet music--it is a lyric book rather than a songbook. It consists of 40 double-sided hand-typed pages bound with a spine. There was a rash of these books (Stones, Lou Reed, Dylan, Yes) in the mid-70s, all published here in Holland. They are extremely nice memorabilia items.

Price: SOLD(€ 15)
    Yessongs - All They Ever Wrote
published in English by the Dutch Yes Fan Club (1975)
Contains a band history, chronology, line-ups, full discography and all song lyrics up to 1975. Approx 136 hand-typed pages with photos and illustrations. Dedicated on the inside cover in red ink, otherwise in excellent condition

Price: SOLD(€ 18)

The All Music Guide (2nd edition)
Miller Freeman Books (1994).
Believe it or not, there was once a paper edition of the allmusic site and this is it. A doorstopper of a book.

Price: €12
    British Beat
by Chris May and Tim Phillips.
Socion Books (1974).
An important book, ahead of it's time.

Price: €12

Loser, The Real Seattle Music Story
by Clark Humphrey
Feral House (1995)
Rare and OOP.

Price: €28
    Lords of Chaos. The Bloody Rise of the Satantic Metal Underground
by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Soderlind.
Feral House (1998).
First edition of this tale of Nordic metal madness. Comes with some loose press cuttings.

Price: €12

The Music's All That Matters. A History of Progressive Rock
by Paul Stump
Quartet Books (1997)

Price: SOLD(€12)
    Oor's Eerste Nederlandse Pop Encyclopedie
6e Editie [VG+].
Oor Magazine (Amsterdam 1987)
Useful edition taking in many of the 80s punk and indie bands who would disappear from later editions. Dutch language.

Price: €10

Historia de la Musica Pop Espanola
by Jesus Ordovas
Alianza Editorial (1987)
Muy furiosa Spanish language history of Spanish rock and pop from the 50s-80s. Includes many B&W photographs and an extensive discography

Price: € 20
    Who's Who of Australian Rock
by Chris Spencer & Zbig Nowara
Five Mile Press (Australia, 1993)
3rd edition
[near mint]

Price: €15
  Who's Who of Australian Rock A Review: "Australasia has spawned some of the most popular pop and rock music acts of recent years - from teeny idols Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan to quality rock acts such as INXS, Crowded House and Jimmy Barnes. Others are waiting in the wings to break big in Britain, Europe and America. This is the third reference book to Australian and Australian-based rock and pop acts - past and present. It includes background information, current and ex-band members, recordings and dates for each act. 20,000 entries are included."  

File Under Popular. Theoretical and Critical Writings on Music
by Chris Cutler
Autonomedia (1993)
[near mint condition]

Price: € 15
    Facing the Music
edited By Simon Frith.
Pantheon (NYC 1989).

Price: €14
File Under Popular. A Review: "Theories of music and culture from a musician's perspective. Includes a chapter on progressive music in the U.K. with a look at the influences on psychedelic music."  

The Dark Stuff. Selected Writings on Rock Music 1972-1993
by Nick Kent.
Penguin Books (1994).

Price: €9
    Ranters & Crowd Pleasers. Punk in Pop Music, 1977-92
by Greil Marcus.
Doubleday (NYC 1993).
Hardback first edition with dust cover.

Price: €50

Lipstick Traces. A Secret History of the Twentieth Century
by Greil Marcus.
Secker & Warburg (London 1989).
Hardback first edition with dustcover.

Price: €50
    Stranded. Rock and Roll for a Desert Island
edited by (and with a personal discography from) Greil Marcus.
Alfred A.Knopf (1979).

Price: €10

Shots From The Hip
by Charles Shaar Murray.
Penguin (1991).

Price: €10
    Popular Music and Local Identity. Rock, Pop and Rap on Europe and Oceania
by Tony Mitchell.
Leicester University Press (1996)

Price: €20

Time Travel. From the Sex Pistols to Nirvana: Pop, Media and Sexuality 1977-96
by Jon Savage.
Chatto & Windus (1996).

Price: €17
    The Faber Book of Pop
edited by Hanif Kureishi and Jon Savage.
Faber and Faber (1995).
Hardback with dustcover.

Price: €17

Ray Stevenson's Photo Past, 1966-1986: Access Nearly All Areas
by Ray Stevenson.
Symbiosis (1988)

Price: €12
    Up They Rise. The Incomplete Works of Jamie Reid
by Jamie Reid & Jon Savage.
Faber & Faber (1987).

Price: €70

Please Kill Me. The Uncensored Oral History of Punk
by Legs McNeil & Gillian McCain
UK (2002)
Original publisher's price 10.99 (about € 16.50)
[near mint]

Price: € 7.50
    The Sound of the City. The Rise of Rock and Roll
by Charlie Gillet.
Souvenir Press (1971).
Hardback first edition with dustcover.

Price: €20
Please Kill Me. A Review: "Though Britain's notorious Sex Pistols shoved punk rock into the face of mainstream America, the movement was already brewing in the U.S. in the 1960s with bands like the Velvet Underground and Iggy and the Stooges. Through hundreds of interviews with forgotten bands as well as the ones that made names for themselves--including Blondie and the Ramones--Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain chronicle punk rock history through the people who really lived it. Please Kill Me is a thrash down memory lane for those hip to punk's early years and an enlightening history lesson for youngsters interested in the origins of modern "alternative" music."  

    Rock Life
Hamlyn (1974)
Hardback with dustcover
ISBN 0600387089
Anthology of articles from Melody Maker's "Rock Giants" series covering the great and the good from the late 60s-early 70s. With contributions by Chris Welch, Michael Watts, Chris Charlesworth, Steve Lake, Mike Oldfield, Geoff Brown, Myles Palmer & Jeff Ward.

Price: € 12

Richard Goldstein's The Poetry of Rock
by Richard Goldstein
Bantam paperback third edition (1969)
Includes 16-pp photos/graphics. Very collectable
[near mint]

Price: € 10
    Rock And Other Four Letter Words. Music of the Electric Generation
written & designed by J Marks
photographed by Linda Eastman
Bantam first edition paperback original (NYC 1968).
Profusely illustrated, incl. folding plates, with photographs by Linda Eastman (everyone from Tim Buckley and The Byrds to The Jefferson Airplane and The Mothers).
[near mint]

Price: € 30
Richard Goldstein's The Poetry of Rock Reviews: "Goldstein was one of the very best of the early rock critics. [His] writing is still eminently readable today."
"In 1969 it was pretty cool and daring to use 'rock' and 'poetry' together. Lyrics of Chuck Berry, Lennon McCartney, Dylan, Pete Townshend and Leonard Cohen, plus others."
    Rock And Other Four Letter Words Reviews: "Classic 1968 paperback book with segments on The Doors, Beatles as well as many other 60s bands. Even Ravi Shankar! Excellent photos by Linda McCartney [Eastman]."
Andrew Sclanders currently has a copy of this book (together with the crappy CBS LP you can pick up on ebay for $10) at his site for 75.00 -- well over €100 !! -- so show some common sense and buy this from me!

The Medium is the Massage
by Marshall McLuhan & Quentin Fiore
Penguin UK paperback edition (1967)
Cult popular culture icon. Surely this is rare?

Price: € 10

The Savoy Book
edited by David Britton & Michael Butterworth
Savoy Books (1978)
Includes Lester Bangs "Jimi Hendrix: A Posthumous Interview", plus pieces by various writers and artists including M.John Harrison, Jeff Jones, Harlan Ellison and a Brian Aldiss interview.
[near excellent]

Price: € 10
    De Nieuwe Pop Muziek
by Rolf Ulrich Kaiser
Westfriesland, Holland, 1970
Overview of 60s rock culture including photos. Rolf Ulrich Kaiser was a music journalist who later launched the Ohr and Cosmic Couriers record labels in Germany.
Niet te geloven! Dutch language book

Price: € 20

The Texts of Festival. A Crystal Fantasy Trip
by Mick Farren
Farren's first book. First and only US Avon paperback edition (1973)
"In a post apocalyptic environmental disaster world, where the technology has been reduced to the level of the Wild Bunch, sixties rock songs are treated as religious texts and character called Iggy kills a lot of people."
A rock / sci-fi fantasy book, the inspiration for Hawkwind's "Text of Festival" set.
Very rare.
[very good condition]

Price: €15
    (Terry Southern) Candy
by Terry Southern & Mason Hoffenberg
Putnam paperback (1964)
[very good plus]

Price: € 3

I'm With The Band. Confessions of a Groupie
by Pamela Des Barres
Jove paperback first edition (1988)
Embossed cover. Includes photo section.
Long out of print and quite hard to find.
[excellent condition]

Price: €10
    A Chemical Romance
by Jenny Fabian
Corgi (1973)
Paperback edition
More sex and drugs and rock & roll! Fabian's follow-up to Groupie, originally published in 1971.
[very good condition]

Price: € 5
I'm With The Band. Confessions of a Groupie. A Review: "I'm With the Band is one of the best memoirs I've read, period, and a giant in the hangers-on autobiography ouevre. PDB pokes just the right amount of fun at herself and she knows how to shape a narrative. Best of all is her command of language. She loved rock stars for almost 20 years, and she changes her tone to fit the era and the rock star she's obsessing over. I also lent mine and never got it back, so I can't refer to it, but she first loved from afar someone like Paul Anka because he was "a dream date"; 60s conquests like Gram Parsons were "groovy and spiritual"; Jimmy Page had "dark, chilling powers" (and whips in his suitcase). The scene where she finally gets Mick Jagger and all she can do is flash back to mas tur bating to Stones records is a gem. The book is gossipy, smart, self-aware, and refreshingly unapologetic about sexual behavior that most of the world still reviles."  

The Family
by Ed Sanders
Signed paperback Revised & Updated 1990 edition
Ed Sanders of the Fugs celebrated investigation into the Manson family killings.

Price: € 5
    The History of Torture
by Daniel P.Mannix (1964)
NEL paperback edition (1970)
Cult/pulp/exploitation paperback. A history of gruesome persuasion techniques.
[excellent condition]

Price: € 10

    Liquidate Paris by Sven Hassel (1971)
Corgi paperback edition (1975)
Cult pulp exploitation. These novels were required reading among 12 year olds in the mid-70s.
[excellent condition]

Price: €10

The Satanic Bible & Satanic Rituals
by Anton LaVey (1969 & 1972)
Avon paperback editions
Learn to mesmerize women and summon the devil -- or vice versa! Complete nonsense but highly entertaining.
[both near mint]

Price for the pair: € 10
    Record Collector Price Guide 2000
[near mint]

Price: SOLD

PART 2: Magazines

Answer Me #4
Answer Me #4 [some rubbing to cover, otherwise near mint]
Controversial magazine, 132pp, 1994.
Price: € 5

CompHELLation [near mint]
A Guide to Killed By Death, Bloodstains and Other '77-'84 Rare Punk COmpilations
by Mark Murrmann
An MRR associated publication. 1998. 64pp.
Price: SOLD(€ 3)

Crohinga Well #12
Crohinga Well #12 [near mint]
122pp approx. [weight 330 grams]
Price: SOLD(€ 5_

Sound Projector No.6 [near mint]
From 1999. 120pp.
Price: SOLD(€ 5)

David Bowie Fanclub Magazine published in the '80s.

Starzone #2 [near mint]
Subscriber only magazine published by the UK David Bowie Fanclub

Price: SOLD(€ 10)
    Starzone #4 Starzone #4 [near mint]
Subscriber only magazine published by the UK David Bowie Fanclub

Price: € 10
Starzone #6 Starzone #6 [near mint]
Subscriber only magazine published by the UK David Bowie Fanclub

Price: € 10
    Starzone #13 Starzone #13 [near mint]
Subscriber only magazine published by the UK David Bowie Fanclub

Price: € 5
Starzone #16 Starzone #16 [near mint]
Subscriber only magazine published by the UK David Bowie Fanclub

Price: € 5
    Half Price Offer!

Buy All 4 Starzones for €15
instead of €30

PART 3: Memorabilia

The following are all official CBS artist biographies:
(english language unless otherwise specified)

Chris de Burgh - 2pp official CBS/A&M biography, undated, circa 1976 (Spanish Train LP). Price: €1

Foxy - 4pp official CBS biography dated March 1979. Price: €1

Vinky Leandros - 2pp official CBS dutch language biography dated March 1977. Price: €1

Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - 3pp official CBS/Epic biography dated APril 1979. Price: €3

Johnny Mathis - 2pp official CBS biography, undated. Price: €1

Ted Nugent - 2pp official CBS dutch language biography dated May 1979. Price: €2

REO Speedwagon - 3pp official CBS/Epic biography, printed on high gloss paper, undated, circa 1977 (You Get What You Play For LP). Price: €2

The following are all official promo photographs:

Bob Dylan - 7x5 official promo photo, undated [slight creasing]. Price: €1

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - 10x8 official promo photo, 1995. Price: €1

REO Speedwagon - 10x8 official promo photo, circa 1977. Price: €2

PART 4: Audio Books

Hitchhikers Guide
The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy [near mint]
Complete and Unabridged
Ready by the author Douglas Adams
published by Dove Audio (Dove Audio 70160) USA, 1990.
Original publisher's price: $25 (about € 20)
Price: € 8

The following are all SOLD:
Stranded. The Secret History of Australian Independent Music 1977-1991
by Clinton Walker. Pan Macmillan, Australia, 1996. SOLD(€10)
Groupie. A Sex-Rock Odyssey
by Johnny Byrne & Jenny Fabian. Bantam 1970. First paperback edition. SOLD(€10)
Groupies and Other Girls
A Rolling Stone Special Report. by John Burks and Jerry Hopkins. Bantam paperback first edition 1970. SOLD
The Grateful Dead Reader
edited by David G.Dodd & Diana Spaulding. Oxford University Press, USA, 2000. 1st edition hardback with dustwrapper. SOLD(€10)
The Penguin Guide to Jazz on LP, CD & Cassette
by Richard Cook & Brian Morton. 1992 edition. SOLD(€10)
Sound Bites
by Albert Goldman (1992). Abacus Books, UK, 1993. 1st UK edition. SOLD(€4.50)
Unknown Pleasures. A Cultural Biography of Roxy Music
by Paul Stump. Quartet Books, UK, 1992. SOLD(€8)
Record Collector Rare Record Price Guide 1997/1998
Uncle Willie's Highly Opinionated Guide To The Residents
The Cryptic Corporation (1993). SOLD(€22)
The Residents. An Almost Complete Collection of Lyrics, 1972 to 1988
Stampa Alternativa (Italy 1989). SOLD(€10)
Storia Di Un Minuto. A Comprehensive Guide to the Italian Progressive Rock of the 70's
by Thierry Sportouche & Jacques Toni. Acid Dragon (France, 1994). SOLD(€10)
Krautrocksampler. One Head's Guide to the Great Kosmische Musik - 1968 Onwards
by Julian Cope. Head Heritage (1995). SOLD (€18)
Wreckers of Civilisation. The Story of COUM Transmissions and Throbbing Gristle
by Simon Ford. Black Dog Publishing (1999). SOLD (€15)
The Flashback After the Acid Trip: The Ultimate Psychedelic Music Guide
by Vernon Joynson (1988). Borderline Publications (1995 reprint). SOLD(€25)
Tape Delay
by Charles Neal (1987). SAF Publishing 2nd edition (1992). SOLD(€ 8)
The Book of Golden Discs
edited by Joseph Murrells. Barrie & Jenkins (London, 1974). Hardback, ISBN 0214200329. SOLD(€7,75)
Mod Rule
by Richard Allen. NEL (1980). SOLD(€10)

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