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SOLD s/t - LP - Reprise RSLP 6317 - UK - 1968 - EX/EX - SOLD(€65)
Restrained debut LP, a hangover from Buffalo Springfield but nothing on here
matches "Broken Arrow" or "Mr.Soul". First or second UK press: tan riverboat label, 
A1/B1 matrix, no text on front cover, Warner Seven Arts logo, Pye distribution 
text on back cover. From 1969 or 1970. A very nice copy.

SOLD s/t - LP - Reprise - Germany - 1969 - title on cover M-/M- - SOLD(€25)
Restrained debut LP, a hangover from Buffalo Springfield but nothing on here
matches "Broken Arrow" or "Mr.Soul". One of the harder to find albums, even as a
later pressing (with title on the front cover), like this one...

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere - LP - Reprise REP 44 073 - Germany - 1969 - foc, tan riverboat label M-/M- - €20
Second solo LP, the first to feature with the ragged, heavy guitar tones
recorded with Crazy Horse, most famously on "Cinnamon Girl". Also has "Down By
The River", "Cowgirl in the Sand" and the title track. A classic, timeless LP.

After the Goldrush - LP - Reprise REP 44 088 - Germany - 1970 - foc, tan riverboat label M-/M- - €20
Third LP, and pretty drippy in places. I never understood Young's persistance
with CSN (except for financial reasons of course). Their influence here is clear
(this LP followed Young's involvement in "Deja Vu"), lotsa country folk with
vocal harmonies to the fore... also features quite a lot of piano for the first
time played by newcomer Nils Lofgren. Still, it also has Lynyrd Skynyrd's
favourite song "Southern Man" as well as "Don't Let It Bring You Down" and "When
You Dance I Can Really Love". Good stuff.

Harvest - LP - Reprise REP 44 131 - Germany - 1972 - foc+insert, tan riverboat label M-/M- - €20
Fourth LP, the ubiquitous "Harvest" was a guaranteed inclusion in most record
collections when I was at school in the late 70s. The country stuff on this is
great. In fact, this is one of the only LPs I can think of to use the normallly
horrific pedal steel guitar to great effect (the others would come from the
Man/Help Yourself stable and Mike Nesmith). Despite being varied musically and
downbeat in tone, this is a great LP. Only the last two tracks (the maudlin
"Needle and the Damage Done" and pondering "Words") let it down. Comparing a
junkie to a "setting sun" was dumb.

Time Fades Away - LP - Reprise REP 54 010 - Germany - 1973 - insert , tan riverboat label M-/M- - €20
Fifth LP, and one of my faves. The beginning of Youngs peak period. Contains the
epic title track, the autobiographical "Don't Be Denied", "Yonder Stands the
Sinner" and "Last Dance", all of which are superb. Darkly emotional, this is a
stunning record.

On The Beach - LP - Reprise R 2180 - Canada - 1974 - insert , tan riverboat label M-/M- - €25
Sixth LP, and absolutely stunning again, "For the Turnstiles", "Ambulance
Blues", "See the Sky About To Rain", etc, its full of some of Young's strongest
songs AND performances. Somewhat harder to find that his other LPs, and
apparently a poor seller for many years, this was only available in Europe
as a Canadian import during the years I was buying Young's LPs. (it's rep is
much higher these days).

Tonight's the Night - LP - Reprise MS 2221 - USA - 1975 - foc, tan riverboat label M-/M- - €20
Seventh LP but recorded before "On the Beach". Falls into the same category as
Time Fades Away but is weaker IMO. It received a frosty reception when it came
out but has since been rehabilitated and is considered a classic, even if it
is the weakest for the four 1973-75 LPS IMO. Essential, evertheless!

Zuma - LP - Reprise REP 54 057 - Germany - 1975 - inner insert , tan riverboat label M-/M- - €25
Eight LP and IMO best LP, also containing his best ever recording "Barstool Blues".
Also "Cortez the Killer", "Don't Cry No Tears", "Lookin' for a Love", and so on,
Some amazing guitar tones on "Danger Bird". In fact, I dunno why I am selling this..!
Oh yes, thats right, it's because I have two other copies . . .

Stills/Young Band - Long May You Run - LP - Reprise REP 54 081 - Germany - 1976 - inner EX/EX - €12
From Zuma to this . . . Though split right down the middle in terms of credits
and song-writing, and although this was Neil Young joining Steven Stills and his
band rather than the other way around, this is almost always listed as a Neil
Young album. Hard not to see this as an attempt to cash in on the success of
Crosby & Nash's recent "Wind On The Water". Still's side is better than Young's,
but neither is especially memorable. For completists only, I'd say.

American Stars'n'Bars - LP - Reprise REP 54 088 - Germany - 1977 - insert , tan riverboat label M-/M- - €20
Ninth album if we discount the Still Young Band. Even so this is a collection of
unreleased recordings stretching back over 3-4 years rather than an LP of new
material. Side two has "Like A Hurricane", the best known track, but frankly I
think it's over-rated (and there are much better versions elsewhere) and overall
I prefer the country-tinged material of the first side, with Nicolette Larson
(soon to make a much bigger impact on the next LP) and Linda Ronstadt.

Comes A Time - LP - Reprise REP 54099 - Germany - 1978 - tan riverboat label M-/M- - €20
A return to Harvest style material but more consistent and with the wonderful
vocal harmonies of Nicolette Larson. A very pleasant LP.

Rust Never Sleeps - LP - Reprise REP 54 105 - Germany - 1979 - inner insert , tan riverboat M-/M- - €20
About as far a swing away from Comes A Time as possible -- such stylistic about
turns are a hallmark of Young's work of course. Famously contains a live
acoustic side and a live electric side, and the latter is devastating:
"Powerfinger", "Welfare Mothers", "Sedan Delivery" all rock in that uniquely
ragged Crazy Horse way.

SOLD Live Rust - 2xLP - Reprise - Germany - 1979 - foc M-/M- - SOLD(€25)
A companion to "Rust Never Sleeps", recorded on the tour, and repeating the same
formula, being neatly split between acoustic and electric, but this time
offering a whole disc of each. It also includes some of the "Rust Never Sleeps"
tracks, mixed in with live versions of his 'hits' ("Cortez", "Like A Hurricane",
"Cinnamon Girl", etc) but the effect is curiously diluted; "Rust Never Sleeps"
remains the better LP. At the time Young was accused of ripping off fans... I
didn't think that at all, but I did think that people who bought this double
live set instead of "Rust Never Sleeps" were making the wrong choice. At the
time a lot of people bought it because it covered all the bases and seemed like
the best place to start if you didn't have any of his records. A common record,
but tough to find in near mint condition.

Hawks 'n Doves - LP - Reprise HS 2297 - USA - 1980 - inner, co M-/M- - €20
13th LP and not rated much by the critics, but I view this album in the same
light as "On The Beach" but its more cryptic, especially "Lost in Space",
"Captain Kennedy" and the title track. And the re-write of "Little Wing" is great
too. An under-rated LP.

Reactor - LP - Reprise HS 2304 - USA - 1981 - inner M-/M- - €20
14th LP on which Young dumbs down! I liked this LP well enough but it was the
beginning of the end for me too. Crazy Horse knock out some dumb, basic, hard-
ish rock tracks with little style or verve -- they just bash them out! This was
the last Neil Young LP I bought with any enthusism.

Old Ways - LP - Geffen GHS 24068 - USA - 1985 - inner, co M-/M- - €20
I skipped "Trans" [1982] because I didn't think "Neil Young discovers new wave"
was going to sound all that interesting (and I was right -- though Sonic Youth
chose "Computer Age" for their contribution to "The Bridge" tribute LP), and I
skipped "Everybody's Rockin'" [1983] for obvious reasons, but I was curious
enough about "Old Ways" (his 17th LP!) to pick up a cheap, remaindered cut-out
copy to see what the fuss was about. Geffen had sued Young for delivering
uncommercial LPs to them ("uncommerical" meaning uncharacteristic and therefore
unmarketable, and also meaning successive LPs in wildly diverging styles). And
you could kind of see their point: "Everybody's Rockin'" is a travesty, even by
throwaway standards. So was this the "Harvest part 3" that would make Geffen
happy? Not really. Its not as strong as "Harvest" or "Comes A Time" and its got
a stronger country flavour which I find is a little too much at times; but the
songs themselves are fine.

It's debatable whether Geffen's actions were justified but at the time Young's
career had run its course for me, and I lost interest for several years. I
didn't even bother trying to hear his next few records, including the critically
acclaimed "This Note's For You" (1988). My last flirtation was the late 80s
Japanese release "Eldorado", a five track mini-LP which showed Young rockin'
again with some very heavy volume. Three tracks then turned up on "Freedom"
(1989), which I also bought. We'd entered the CD age by then, and these albums
are on the CD page.

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